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Where are Dirty John Meehan’s spouses Debra Newell and Tonia Sells and exactly exactly just what occurred in their mind?

NETFLIX drama Dirty John has fans gripped using the real tale of a lady whoever perfect "doctor" spouse actually is a con man that is dangerous.

But that are John Meehan's previous spouses and what occurred in their mind?

That is Tonia Sells?

Meehan's first spouse Tonia had been 25 when she married John Meehan.

He shared with her he had been 26 whenever actually he had been 31 and advertised their very own family members could not go to their wedding because they had been all addicts.

The set had two kiddies together known as Emily and Abigail.

After a decade of wedding, Meehan told Tonia a divorce was wanted by him.

She monitored down his mum Dolores, whom unveiled Meehan had lied about their birthday celebration, genuine title and past medication fees against him.

Tonia then searched the home and discovered he was indeed stashing drugs that are anaesthetic through the medical center where he worked as being a nurse.