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Grammar Slammer is an English spell and grammar check software designed to help writers show up with intelligible write-ups and content.

It helps you understand grammar rules so you can avoid making the mistakes that are same the future. The application seeks to own users learn the intricacies regarding the English language by giving answers to questions about the corrections the application makes.

Why wouldn't you choose Grammar Slammer?

  1. Cost-effective software. Grammar Slammer isn't just ideal for users who wish to deliver content that is error-free it's also friendly with their pockets. The many editions of this software can be obtained at reasonable prices compared to the steep tags software that is similar.
  2. Word integration. Word processors can be loaded with grammar and spelling checkers but they are only basic rules. With Grammar Slammer, users of Microsoft Word can gain more conf >

Virtual Writing Tutor is an grammar that is english-as-a-second-language designed for both students and language teachers, or bloggers, writers, along with other professionals. This free grammar that is online is designed to provide learning opportunities for students during those instances when teachers are not available.

For teachers, the solution reduces their workload by automating their proofreading or editing task as well as the means of giving corrective feedback to their students on the assignments. With Virtual Writing Tutor, students can learn ESL independently and also by receiving consistent and extensive feedback; and teachers can assign more writing tasks with their students without fretting about checking the assignments of the students.